Our Favorite Apps of the Week – September 13, 2017

2017-09-13 Rupa Patel


Hi developers!

From education to sports to games, we have some great apps for you and your family this week. What made these stand out to us? The apps are fantastic, of course, but they also have solid Amazon Appstore pages.

Building a quality app is one of the keys to success on the Amazon Appstore. But, even good apps can have less-than-stellar Appstore pages, and that can negatively affect performance. In the frenzy of app development, it’s easy to overlook the importance of selling. We totally get it. A lot of us have been there. As you check out this week’s apps, pay special attention to their “Product features.” These apps have strong, short, punchy bullet points that make the app’s value to a potential user easy to understand. Screenshots and video can also have a significant impact on downloads. For more information on creating an effective Appstore page, watch our webinar that describes how to build high conversion Appstore pages and promo videos. What’s your favorite part of an Appstore page?

Take a peek at these new apps:

Sports Action Odds and Scores
by Sports Action Inc.

Bet like the pros. With the ability to track your picks and access to near real-time odds data, this app will keep you in the know with each play. What makes it even better? It’s free with no banner ads.

Knight of the Fellowship
by Hosted Games

What choices will you make? Become a Knight of the Fellowship in this interactive fantasy novel. Will your story be a bloody adventure or a beautiful romance?

AJ Academy: Amazing Animals
by WildWorks

This free animal eBook library is from the creators of Animal Jam and National Geographic, so you know it’s good! Read 29 books about animals with rich illustrations and stunning National Geographic photography.

Mini Golf: Jurassic
by Bit of Game

Play Mini Golf like never before! This game has 50 levels and 2 modes. Watch out! The dinosaurs move. The track might fall apart. Tubes and tunnels will create fun, crazy obstacles. It’s Jurassic-tastic.

We know just how hard you’re working to create great apps, and we want to help! That’s why we created these developer resources just for you. Is your app done and ready to go up on the Amazon Appstore? Submit today!


2017-09-13 Rupa Patel

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